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Landscape Assessment and Strategy Maps

Interactive GIS Maps

These maps are a suite of interactive maps that have been developed to enhance The Durham Landscape website. The Geographic Information System (GIS) allows you to interact with information about the Durham landscape and display both maps and aerial photographs of County Durham and the immediate surrounding areas.

Landscape Assessment Maps

Character Areas and Types

Designated Landscapes

Landscape Strategy

Landscape Guidelines Maps


Non-Interactive Maps

Click on the links below to view an image of the following maps:

Landscape Assessment

Physical Influences

The Modern Landscape

Landscape Strategy

Assets and Attributes

  • Access Land
  • Agricultural Land Classification
  • Ancient Woodland
  • Archaeological Sites and Monuments
  • Built Heritage
  • Earth Heritage Designation
  • Habitat Network
  • International Nature Conservation Designations
  • Land Management Agreements
  • Landscape Designation
  • National and Local Nature Designations
  • Recreation and Tourism
  • Water Resources

Further Information

  • Mapping data for County Durham's Landscape Assessment and Strategy can also be obtained in electronic format as ERSI Shapefiles from Durham County Council's Landscape Section for a nominal administration charge of £15 + VAT.
  • Visit the Multi-Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside (MAGIC) website - for detailed maps of statutory rural designations e.g. Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, plus Scheduled Ancient Monuments Map, Common Land boundaries and Registered Parks and Gardens.